Dreams Awake | The Five Dreams Awake Themes

The Five Dreams Awake Themes


We are usually drawn to particular films because of many different reasons; genre, actors, story content, themes, settings, etc.  “Dreams Awake” may be no different, but for the most part we have found that people are drawn to it by its themes. We have identified five major sub-themes, as described below.

We also feel there is one overall major theme that unifies them all. That theme, simply stated, is ‘finding the courage to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth.’ That is the path and journey the main character Hope, played by Erin Gray, finds herself on. That major theme plays out as these five sub-themes are layered and integrated throughout the progression of the film’s story.


The theme of meditation, is woven quite extensively throughout the film. The main character, Hope, uses it as a healing tool for her own stress and distress. As the story advances it helps her progress towards an understanding of her personal situation, and also as a tool for her ongoing inner exploration.

Inner Child

A common theme found within Dreams Awake is the concept of the inner child, which most of us know also encompasses a modern day psychological theory and treatment program. The innocence of the inner child is presented in particular plot points, as well as a back story to the developing main story and story progression clues.

Sound Current

The inner sound, which has its basis in the creation myths, spiritual constructs and religious texts of many ancient cultures is a common theme throughout Dreams Awake. The main character, Hope, is continually bothered by an inner ringing noise she attributes to a medical condition. But as they story progresses beyond her control, we learn there is much more to it than a traditional explanation.

Spiritual Immortality

Spiritual immortality is interlaced through the words and actions of the wizardly sage, Ambrose. As an enigmatic character he attempts to guide Hope onto a path towards her true divine destiny. Whether she can grasp and take on such a high level journey is the main crux of the film.

Mount Shasta

The mysticism of Mt. Shasta is revealed as a spiritual power point on the planet. Sometimes referred to as a place “where heaven and earth meet” it is not only a character in the film but a powerful background tapestry where the story plays out.