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The Long Wheel, Part 3

22.03.2012 in Director's Blog

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” — Mark Twain In relation to the end of the previous Part 2 of this essay, the Catholic Church of course now denies that anything about reincarnation ever took place during these historic periods, and that reincarnation has…

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Pieces of Themes

24.10.2011 in Director's Blog

Most films have pieces of many ideas, and thus themes, spread within their fabric.  After commiserating with some of our fans, it seems they have identified five main ones, which I will present here.  Now of course when I wrote the screenplay for this film…

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What Issues?

16.10.2010 in Director's Blog

Over the course of this film’s journey from idea to execution, I’ve mentioned several times the issues the film attempts to touch upon, take on, and finally, leave open to interpretation.  I have not always been exactly clear about what these issues are, and some…

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What is Spiritual? III

24.09.2010 in Director's Blog

I really hadn’t planned on continuing down this discussion line for a third time, but with the comments and emails I have been getting, well…I figured I’d take another step down this path.  But in a little different way, one that may get your wondering…

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