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Moving Along

27 Oct 2013, by Jerry Deal in Director's Blog

As we move to less 6 months of the beginning of production in the Austin, TX area on our next film project “One Hand Clapping,” I just wanted to update you about what we’ve been up to lately and what is on our horizon.

First piece of news. Just a couple days ago the SEC finally came down with its rules for entrepreneurs in regards to raising equity crowd funds, as proposed by the JOBS Act passed last year. The rules for Title 3 of the new law involve companies being able to solicit common people, not just accredited investors. The rules for accredited investors came down last month, as I mentioned in my last blog posting. It looks like there will be a 90 day comments period before these rules are actually rolled out. And of course that doesn’t help us, as we plan to be fully funded by the time those roll out. So, once again I am sorry we won’t be able to go the equity crowdfunding route, only the now traditional way of donation crowdfunding path. See below for more info our program.  Also, here is a link with more detailed info on this phase of the law — http://eckerlelawyers.com/crowdfunding-sec-new-rules-finally-came-today/

Next item. A few days ago we screened “Dreams Awake” in Sedona, AZ at Unity of Sedona (https://www.facebook.com/events/1394391264127652/) to a very enthusiastic audience. We had about 25-30 show up, and it seemed like almost everyone asked questions, and many of them multiple questions. It was gratifying to interact with the audience there. In fact, we probably could have gone far into the night, but of course the venue needed to close at some point. I want to thank the people who invited us there. In particular, Laura Schappert, thanks!

Austin screening

In about 10 days, November 7, we will be screening “Dreams Awake” to possibly the largest audience that has seen it yet, a full house of almost 150 people. At the time of this writing we only have a few seats left, so if you are in the area and would like to go, you had better hurry up to sign up for your free ticket — http://waytogomedia.com/events/austin-lakeline/. We will also be screening the teaser trailer we created for “One Hand Clapping.” After the screening Erin Gray, Tim O’Connor, and myself will do a Q & A. Should be fun!


For those of you who don’t yet know about our crowdfunding program for “One Hand Clapping,” you can go here for more info — www.LaunchOurFilm.com. As you can see it is off to a slow start but we still have more than 3 months to go, as we have set an April 1 production date, and we are just getting set up to go all out with it. More news in the future.