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Here are a few comments from some news and blogger sources who reviewed ‘Dreams Awake’.





“There is a genre of spiritual films that have a life outside the box office and present ancient ideas, myths and theories of the universe. I like them because I am a generally curious person, but mysticism like that presented in “Dreams Awake” would fly in the face of most major world religions.” – Serena Markstrom






“A must watch film that will leave you questioning, probing, and dreaming yourself awake.  I leave you with one of my favorite quotes of the movie, ‘There’s a great deal more to being awake than just being alive.’ ”  –  Dr Carla Goddard






“I had a chance to interview the writer,director and producer of Dreams Awake, Jerry Alden Deal. Below is a copy of our Q&A” – Matthew Welsh 






“This is an absolutely wonderful movie with a great cast and I have to say I completely and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is spiritually minded.” – David P. Smith







The production company, Way to Go Media, is an exciting, new film development company dedicated to making independent films with metaphysical themes through illuminating and powerful stories.