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Future Happenings

26 Jul 2013, by Jerry Deal in Director's Blog

I haven’t posted much lately, as we’ve been pretty busy around here.  We have a number of happenings on the horizon so I thought I’d fill everyone in on that.

First, yes we still do have that much promised trailer about ready.  When we were in Austin last month to shoot some extra scenes, we certainly thought we’d have this all wrapped up by now.  We shot one whole new scene, redid another scene with a green screen, and then picked up a couple pieces of shots to enhance some previously shot scenes.  And it is all coming together nicely. To be more specific we are fine tuning the green screen shot, tweaking the music, and tightening up most of the scenes.

Another main issue to consider is this. This trailer is not a true trailer, since we obviously have not shot the film yet. We just shot a few particular scenes for a teaser trailer, so we don’t have a full range of scenes to pull from like a real film. That has caused a couple unforeseen issues, but nothing that is insurmountable. Also, we’ve been realizing it is harder doing a trailer for a drama than a film with lots of effects and action scenes. I guess those trailers seem slicker and probably do better in the ADD, instant gratification world we live in now.

Second, we recently shot a crowdfunding video with Erin Gray.  Her husband Richard was behind the camera (thanks!), and yours truly found himself in front of the camera, which really isn’t my thing.  But I think getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing every once in a while. Yet, being behind the camera is a much safer place to be, at least for me.  Actually, I don’t know how actors do it.  Kudos to them. Anyway, we are presently editing that video, and it looks like it will be pretty good. (I don’t think I messed it up too bad.)

Erin Gray

Actress/Producer/Entrepreneur Erin Gray

Jerry Alden Deal

Writer/Director/Producer Jerry Alden Deal

But of course, the big news from this is the fact we are actually putting together a crowdfunding campaign for “One Hand Clapping”! And we are going to do something different from what most other people are doing with this activity. We hope to have that all together by next month. It should be fun!

Third, we are currently in the process of setting up a screening event in Austin, TX for this fall. The plan is to screen “Dreams Awake” and then to show the “One Hand Clapping” trailer. Some of the principals from “Dreams Awake” will be there, and we will do a Q & A afterwards. We will let everyone know the details, once we get that set up. So to all our Austinite friends, we’re coming to town for some more fun and games!


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