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Release Extra!

24.11.2010 in Director's Blog

A few more details about our impending release: In just a little over a two weeks from now everyone will be able to finally order a DVD of “Dreams Awake”.  Along with pre-ordering the film you will also receive a discount during this month-long pre-order…

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Release Announcement – A Special Gift

11.11.2010 in Director's Blog

Well finally, we have some news about when ‘Dreams Awake’ will officially be released.  As previously mentioned we will initially be releasing on DVD and then doing a screening tour next year. January 11, 2011 is the official DVD release date.  I know that’s later…

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Provocative and Controversial?

26.10.2010 in Director's Blog

There are people in my life who quite frankly aren’t interested in what a spiritual film like ‘Dreams Awake’ has to say.  And I’m perfectly fine with that, because I always knew it was never meant for everyone.  In fact, very possibly just a certain…

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What Issues?

16.10.2010 in Director's Blog

Over the course of this film’s journey from idea to execution, I’ve mentioned several times the issues the film attempts to touch upon, take on, and finally, leave open to interpretation.  I have not always been exactly clear about what these issues are, and some…

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Bonus Offerings & Transmedia Slices

05.10.2010 in Director's Blog

“Dreams Awake” just begins the journey … one only you can finish for yourself When this film was originally conceived it was conceived as more than just a film.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, and a few of you have asked me what I…

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What is Spiritual? III

24.09.2010 in Director's Blog

I really hadn’t planned on continuing down this discussion line for a third time, but with the comments and emails I have been getting, well…I figured I’d take another step down this path.  But in a little different way, one that may get your wondering…

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What is Spiritual? II

11.09.2010 in Director's Blog

Besides the comments here on this blog and our ‘Dreams Awake’ Facebook Page, I received several emails after my last blog posting.  So I thought I’d follow it up and go a little farther than before.  But of course, I think we all know there…

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What is Spiritual?

29.08.2010 in Director's Blog

Have you ever noticed that people many times define something by what it is not before they say what it is?  I’ll try not to do that here, even if what I’m attempting may not even have a real, objective answer for everyone who reads…

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Straight to You

17.08.2010 in Director's Blog

I want to offer some news about our film’s release, but I also would like to qualify where our position is in relation to the state of the film industry today. Years ago when home video (and then DVD) appeared on the landscape, Hollywood studios…

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Growing Up on Mt. Shasta

04.08.2010 in Director's Blog

“I consider the evening twilight on Mt. Shasta one of the grandest sights I have ever witnessed.” — Theodore Roosevelt The past several days I’ve been on Mt. Shasta taking a little time off from prepping the film for its release this fall; just having…

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