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Free Stuff

05.10.2011 in Director's Blog

I wanted to pass along some items that I thought might be of interest to some of you out there.  Yes, as the title says, we are giving away some free items from the film. First, because we’ve received so much praise about the soundtrack…

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The People vs The Gatekeepers

20.09.2011 in Director's Blog

I think one of the most difficult things for indie filmmakers to do is to find their audience.  Or is it that it’s difficult for their audience to find them?  Either way it is not an easy situation.  In going through the whole process, the…

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Mountain Summer Sweetness

30.08.2011 in Director's Blog

A few days ago I was hiking on Mt. Shasta, and a couple things happened that just remade my day, and my attitude.  I was actually coming down a trail towards the top parking lot late in the afternoon when I overheard a couple of…

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Summer Notes

14.08.2011 in Director's Blog

Before I got to spend a couple weeks camping up on Mt. Shasta (which is always marvelous and refreshing), Tim O’Connor (Ambrose in “Dreams Awake”) and his sweet wife Sheila came up to Shasta for a short visit.  He wanted to get out of town…

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On Vacation

24.07.2011 in Director's Blog

Just a quick note. I’m taking some much needed time off for a couple weeks, and will be back with more notes the second week of August. I get to camp up on Mt. Shasta for two weeks with some close friends.  So hiking, camping,…

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New Film Project

13.07.2011 in Director's Blog

“Nearer than breath and blood, closer than hands and feet; what is the sound of one hand clapping?” Our company has some exciting news!  We recently put our next project into full development. “One Hand Clapping” is a project I have wanted to do for…

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Portal Excerpts

28.06.2011 in Director's Blog

I thought I’d talk about the Dreams Awake Portal a bit today.  Actually, what I want to do is give you some excerpts from the 10 content websites that inhabit it.  And then maybe you can see that actually the film is just a conversation…

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Various Tidbits

13.06.2011 in Director's Blog

I have a number of things to pass along to you today: First, we’ve updated the look of our YouTube Channel and will be putting up lots more videos there in the future – http://www.youtube.com/dreamsawakemovie. Second, in case you didn’t catch my radio interview with Judith…

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Upcoming Events

31.05.2011 in Director's Blog

I quickly wanted to pass along a couple events related to the film that will be happening real soon: Tomorrow, I will be interviewed live over the radio in Eugene, OR.  We will of course talk about the film, the making of it, the content,…

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Video Happenings

15.05.2011 in Director's Blog

There have been a number of requests for us to have more video that is related to the film in some way available for you.  So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  We will periodically be putting up several different types for you to…

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