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The Long Wheel, Part 3

22.03.2012 in Director's Blog

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” — Mark Twain In relation to the end of the previous Part 2 of this essay, the Catholic Church of course now denies that anything about reincarnation ever took place during these historic periods, and that reincarnation has…

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The Long Wheel, Part 2

02.03.2012 in Director's Blog

Life.  Death.  Rebirth.  Reincarnation?  Anything to that question? Maybe, but the fear of death and its ongoing anxiety has always a very universal fact, even though 90% of us believe in an afterlife (according to recent polls).  Thus making it a subject for ongoing inquiry…

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The Long Wheel, Part 1

15.02.2012 in Director's Blog

Recently I have been putting together a script for a teaser trailer we are planning to shoot for our next film, “One Hand Clapping.”  To encapsulate a 115 page script into a 7-8 page trailer has not been easy.  But then I don’t want to…

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Digging For Gold

30.01.2012 in Director's Blog

$$$?  Doesn’t it always seem like we always need more of it, no matter what else is going on in our lives?  Well, as we embark on our newest expedition, it seems that very thing is going to be our most challenging obstacle.  When we…

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Our New Project

15.01.2012 in Director's Blog

We are getting all geared up around here to get our latest project, “One Hand Clapping” off the ground.  And we realize the mountain we have to climb is much higher than the one we climbed when we shot “Dreams Awake” on Mt. Shasta several…

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Living in the Moment

27.12.2011 in Director's Blog

Piracy.  Right off the very term evokes all kinds of images and feelings.  On the one hand you’ve got romantic figures like Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Long John Silver, Captain Hook, and yes even Jack Sparrow, swashbuckling their way across the seas on all types of…

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Why “Dreams Awake”?

08.12.2011 in Director's Blog

Several people over the last couple years have asked me why I did a film like “Dreams Awake.”  Usually my initial thought (or question) is, why not?  I actually replied that to people a few times before I realized that answer doesn’t go over too…

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Story World & AFM

21.11.2011 in Director's Blog

I recently had the good fortune to attend a couple enlightening, multi-day events back to back early this month, one in San Francisco and the other in Los Angeles (actually Santa Monica).  And they both could not have been more different in their content, ambiance…

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“One Hand Clapping” Project

08.11.2011 in Director's Blog

“Nearer than breath and blood, closer than hands and feet; what is the sound of one hand clapping?” We are moving forward, albeit a bit slowly, on our next film project, “One Hand Clapping.”  As you can well imagine it takes quite a bit of…

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Pieces of Themes

24.10.2011 in Director's Blog

Most films have pieces of many ideas, and thus themes, spread within their fabric.  After commiserating with some of our fans, it seems they have identified five main ones, which I will present here.  Now of course when I wrote the screenplay for this film…

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