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More Film Festival News

17.09.2012 in Director's Blog, Film News

Yes, “Dreams Awake” is in a continuing news cycle about all the film festivals we are getting into. So for now, we are just enjoying it while we can because we realize it will come to an end soon enough. Probably by the end of…

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Film Festival Circuit Continues

26.08.2012 in Director's Blog

Well, it seems this film festival train is going to keep on chugging along for a while.  So I guess we’ll just keep riding it as long as we can.  Of course, last weekend (as previously mentioned) we had two going on at the same…

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On the Film Festival Circuit

06.08.2012 in Director's Blog

We all have experienced events that don’t always go as planned. And as mentioned in my previous posting, our film was to screen in Brasov, Romania at their inaugural festival last month. Well, not all went as planned. It seems that some of the films…

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And Even More Film Festivals

20.07.2012 in Director's Blog

As of this new writing, we are excited even more to announce that we are in two more film festivals, beyond the two I wrote about a couple weeks ago. The first one is The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, which is in Hudson, OH….

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More Film Festivals

02.07.2012 in Director's Blog

As of this writing, we are excited to announce that we have received confirmation that “Dreams Awake” will be screening at two more film festivals, one domestic and the other foreign. The first one will be the Brasov International Film Festival and Market in Brasov,…

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No Other Film …

15.06.2012 in Director's Blog

(This is reprint of a post I wrote on my other blog, “The Mystic Cowboy,” which I started writing recently.) … is like “Dreams Awake.” Like it, love it, hate it, indifferent about it, whatever … you will never ever come across another film that…

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On The Train

31.05.2012 in Director's Blog

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, but luckily it has finally died down a bit so I can get down to doing some actual ‘real’ work.  Not that going to film festivals and winning awards isn’t fun, and could even…

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‘Spiritual Media Blog’ Interview

15.05.2012 in Director's Blog

A couple days ago I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Matthew Welsh, who writes a blog about spiritual entertainment called ‘Spiritual Media Blog.’  Here is that interview in its entirety.  You can also read it on his blog at Spiritual Media Blog.  You…

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Current Happenings

10.04.2012 in Director's Blog

Things have been quite busy around here lately, so I thought I pass along a number of tidbits: Late last month we shot a teaser trailer for our next film project, “One Hand Clapping.”  We (I?) originally had the crazy idea to shoot it near…

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