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Trailer News

11.06.2013 in Director's Blog

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry I was heading to Austin to finish shooting our promo teaser trailer we started last year. We got sidetracked with other activities that didn’t allow us to finish it in a timely manner. Well I recently got…

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Trailer Shoot

27.05.2013 in Director's Blog

I’m getting ready to head to Austin, TX to finish shooting our teaser trailer for “One Hand Clapping.” As you may or may not know we originally shot scenes for this trailer last year in Austin over a period of three days. Obviously we didn’t…

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Mobilizing A Community?

02.05.2013 in Director's Blog

In the early days of the Internet I was quite skeptical about how all the so-called amazingly monumental ways the Internet was going to change and reshape our world.  And even today I still am skeptical about some of them. But now, one of the…

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Defining Moments

04.04.2013 in Director's Blog

What do Hunter S. Thompson, Liz Carpenter, Bill Wittliff, and the Coen brothers have in common? Continue on and find out … In my early formative, aspiring writer/filmmaker years, there were some moments that seemed to define what direction I would eventually take in my…

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Onward & Upward

15.03.2013 in Director's Blog

I was recently going through some old files, and came across my old film blog I use to write that led up to the making of “Dreams Awake”.  So, just for a little fun I thought I’d repost one of the old entries. This one…

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Why One Hand Clapping?

23.02.2013 in Director's Blog

As we gear up to put all the pieces together for our next feature film project, “One Hand Clapping,” I am reminded why we have chosen to put this particular film on the front burner. Believe it or not our company actually has several projects…

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The Path of Story: You

17.01.2013 in Director's Blog

Early primitive man communicated stories with pictures. Later came language and stories were passed around at campfires. Which were then communicated orally by others. And eventually written language became another vehicle of story, with live plays adding a new level of reality. And finally, when…

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2012 Ends on High Note in Monaco

27.12.2012 in Director's Blog

The infamous 2012 is about to reach it much anticipated end. But no, the world, the universe, all of creation … did not end … as greatly and widely publicized in all the highest and lowest of places. Which makes me think of that often-used…

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Final Festival Run?

26.11.2012 in Director's Blog

As this year winds down it seems we may actually be on the last leg of our long film festival run. We finished up recently being in Manhattan, where I thought we had one of our better Q & A’s after the screening. At both…

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Film Festival Blues

21.10.2012 in Director's Blog

Yes, I know, it’s been way too long since I have posted an entry here. Being on the film festival roller coaster has surely worn me out. And late at night, just when I think I’m going to write something, my body says, “No, we…

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