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Best Laid Plans

01.03.2014 in Director's Blog

The film industry, business, and creative world is very complicated and multi-layered in its planning, implementation, and exploitation. I have certainly seen it from many different angles in my long media life. From the very first time I took a film class, had my first…

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Pre-Production towards Transformation

25.01.2014 in Director's Blog

The creative fires are smoldering, getting ready to go full blast for our next film production. Currently I am working with a casting director to put together the very best cast we can possibly find for this project. It’s never easy, because all types of…

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What Does It Mean?

17.12.2013 in Director's Blog

Post by One Hand Clapping. I just recently returned from the Angel Film Awards, which is part of the Monaco International Film Festival, where the screenplay for our next project, “One Hand Clapping,” was up for a screenplay award. At this very same festival last year “Dreams…

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Austin Screening

17.11.2013 in Director's Blog

You could say that I began growing up into my filmmaking life in Austin, TX. In the 70’s I went to college there at the University of Texas, mostly as an English major. I had written several short stories and lots of poetry, some of…

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Moving Along

27.10.2013 in Director's Blog

As we move to less 6 months of the beginning of production in the Austin, TX area on our next film project “One Hand Clapping,” I just wanted to update you about what we’ve been up to lately and what is on our horizon. First…

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Finding the Moola

26.09.2013 in Director's Blog

It always seems to come down to the money. The search, the quest, the mission to find that ever elusive moola. I talked about one aspect of our film financial plan in my last blog posting. Crowdfunding. The part we want to involve as many of…

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Launching Our Film “Totally Indie”

11.09.2013 in Director's Blog

Here we are again, ready to fire up our engines, and head down that extensive, arduous runway for liftoff … and fire up another film project. But this time we’re stoking the fire a little differently, no actually … a lot differently. We’re not only…

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Vote for us!

19.08.2013 in Director's Blog

Last month we put together a proposal for a panel for the SXSW Film Festival next March in Austin, TX. The proposed panel is called “Transformational Media for Indies.” And starting today you can help make that panel a reality by voting for us so SXSW will…

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Future Happenings

26.07.2013 in Director's Blog

I haven’t posted much lately, as we’ve been pretty busy around here.  We have a number of happenings on the horizon so I thought I’d fill everyone in on that. First, yes we still do have that much promised trailer about ready.  When we were…


Doom & Gloom in Flicktown

23.06.2013 in Director's Blog

In case you haven’t been keeping up lately with all the negativity about another apocalyptic  ‘end of the film business’ declaration, which usually cycles around every decade or so, then here are a few recent pieces with quotes from some Hollywood heavyweights. One headline reads:…

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