Dreams Awake | Beyond The Film

Beyond The Film


Now that the film is in release, the audience will be able to participate in an ongoing dialogue concerning certain issues brought up in the film.  It will begin an adventure the film only touches upon … hopefully one we can all explore together.

Once you have seen the film, whether DVD, public or private screening, or any other venue, you will be given a unique code to access our web portal, if you so desire.  If you buy a DVD, there will be a alphanumeric code on the insert.  You will be able to sign up and get access to the Dreams Awake Portal once you go that website.  If you see the film at a theatrical screening, you will be given a unique code that everyone in the audience will be able to use.  In the future if there is a different type of situation in which you view the film, we will inform you how to access this extra material.

This ‘Dreams Awake’ Portal is set up for those of you who want to continue the journey the film only begins.  It is a series of websites which delve deeper into the issues the film starts to explore.  In addition, some of the open plot points are also expanded upon.  New content will continually be added over the next couple years, allowing for more personal exploration.  We will keep you updated as this grows and develops into other phases.

Dreams Awake just begins the journey … one only you can finish for yourself.